Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To shower or not to shower the mom-to-be with a baby shower

Olivia and a special Mom-to-be!

Superstition has prevented Jewish people from embracing the idea of a baby shower given before the baby’s birth.   Traditionally, we wait until after the birth when everything has gone as expected to bring the baby paraphernalia, such as the crib and the layette into the home.  The reason for this is that a fully prepared nursery would be a horrible reminder in the case of a tragic loss.   In today’s world, however, many Jewish mothers are having showers and it makes perfect sense to me. 

In the past, we would order our layettes and the baby’s furnishings and ask the stores to hold them until they get the call that the baby was born.  Then, during the time that mother and baby were resting in the hospital, a grandmother or another close friend or relative would have to scurry around picking up all the pieces, washing the baby clothing, setting up deliveries and putting everything together in time for the baby’s homecoming.  In 2011, the average hospital stay is only a day or two and that is clearly not enough time to get it all done. 

Holding a “Sip and See” was one alternative to the shower which enabled people to come to visit, have a cup of coffee and see the baby.  The problem with this kind of event is that New Mothers are so busy that they often are not able to enjoy themselves and it is risky to expose such young babies to so many people.

Alexis never had a shower or a sip and see, but people were so generous with gifts for Olivia.  I can only conclude that people love to give baby gifts and will Shower the new baby with gifts regardless.  However, if gathering and celebrating the excitement that a new baby brings is the objective, I say, Go ahead and Shower.

Some out of the box baby shower ideas: Things the new mother may not even know that she wanted.

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  1. My second daughter is pregnant and due in April! So I am on the way to having a second grandchild..and cannot wait for that exciting time.
    I am having thoughts on a shower, so that some of the things which they need will get done, and the important equipment can be purchased before the short stay in the hospital. I will check with Karen if she wants a shower or not, but I have encouraged her to register for things in advance, and then people can peruse her registry and decide for themselves what to send for the joyous occasion. She lives in Manhattan, in a one bedroom at the moment, so there will be no room to set up, and no crib until they are in a bigger space. I think we might have to wing it and see what happens. But I agree with you, if you want to shower her with excitement, go for it!