Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog- Grammama's tribute to Steve Jobs; with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

“The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”  Steve Jobs

I feel like I have lost a dear friend. Steve Jobs was a creative genius that has profoundly changed my world.  Although the closest I have ever come to him was in an apple store, I mourn for an American innovator who was of my generation but has inspired every generation with his life and his work.

The first computer I ever used was at college in the early 70’s.  It was as big as a washing machine and required a special “language”.  I can’t remember much except that it never made any sense to me and I thought that computers, like chemistry and a few other required subjects that I hated would never be relevant to my real life.  I imagined them being used exclusively in computer labs by engineers with high-level degrees.

One year ago, just before my granddaughter was born, I got an apple computer.  Until then, my repertoire of computer skills was restricted to, word processing, e-mail and searching the web.  I relied on my children to do the most mundane tasks, like upload my music and manage my facebook page.  They had no patience for me at all, and always preferred to do the tasks themselves rather than struggle to teach me how to do these things.  I never even had my own computer. 

When I bought my first new computer of my very own, I subscribed for the one-to-one tutorial program.  At my first lesson, I introduced myself to the instructor and warned him that I had limited technical aptitude and would surely challenge his patience.  “I am just telling you in advance”, I said, “You will have to tell me everything at least twice”.  He sweetly replied, “Hello, my name is Zlotto.   Hello, my name is Zlotto.  I immediately knew that we would be fast friends. 

I have been an apple-rat ever since.  I spend hours at their workshops and the instructors have amazed me with their endurance.  They never make me feel stupid and make certain that I perform every function myself.  I am proud to say that I have even impressed my kids with a few of my new computer tricks, including my blog.  I have accomplished things beyond my own expectations.

With my new computer skills, I have prepared books of pictures and stories for my precious Olivia about her great and great great grandparents and their journeys from Europe to America.  I hope that their stories of joy and accomplishment can be a source of pride and inspiration to her.  Long after I am gone from Olivia’s life, she will be able to learn about who she is, where she came from and that she was deeply loved by her Anyu. 

Without Steve Jobs, Blog-Gram-Mama would have been only dream for me.  Thank-you, Steve, you have helped me reach my goal to create something that will endure with Olivia. 

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  1. hey Blogrammama, You do owe a debt of gratitude to Steve Jobs! I knew you before you got your apple!