Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 Things that make me Mad; it is all Political!!!!

I have always tried to consider what was in the best interest of the team and to have a positive impact; no matter if the team was my community, my country, the world or my family.  Among other things, I am a motivated recycler, an unapologetic fundraiser and a despot in the kitchen when it comes to healthy food.   I am so angry with the self-serving and power hungry politicians and their failure to focus on the common good.  I am equally frustrated by many people who refuse to look beyond their own special interests! 

1.   The election is just less than a year away, yet the campaigns have been distracting us for way too long, resulting in a congress that holds on too tight to absolutes to refuses to legislate.   Can’t we put a limit the amount of time spent on a presidential campaign?
2.    Our President has been too concerned about his campaign to act in the best interest of the country.  Entitlements and his approval rating intimidate him.
3.   Unions and Social Security are corrupt, and need to be reviewed and reformed.  We have no choice but to address changes and cuts that will continue to help those in need without destroying our economy. 
4.  The reality of the economy and the deficit leave no question that new taxes are necessary.  Obviously, those who can afford those taxes will be targeted.  You know who you are!  Deal with it!
5.    Newt Gingrich!  Really?????  How can the Republican Party support a candidate who has been shown so many lapses in integrity and morality?  This candidate was censored by congress for both ethics and tax violations.  Is there any quality more important than integrity for an American President to bring to the world agenda?  I would be appalled if this is best leader and role model we can come up with to shape America for our grandchildren.
6.   When our grandparents came to America they came because it was a Land of Opportunity and they took advantage of all that it offered.  They built businesses and their families and made America great.  We should legally welcome and support any immigrants who come with this spirit but not those who come to America illegally for a handout. 
7.    Pensions and compensation packages for government workers and politicians are out of proportion as compared with the private sector.

I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  I do not claim to have the answers but I care about the world we leave to our grandchildren. 

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  1. As we watch our grandchildren grow, we worry about the way our country will be when they are of voting age. Will we have a President who will preserve our rights or just be a letterhead to the interests of his/her voting constituency? President Obama seems to be too concerned with holding on to his voters that he lacks the leadership to acoomplish goals for the good of our country. When we were young and starting out our goals were important and our homes and freedoms were paramount. We hope that our grandchildren will be able to afford a home of their own, and a lifestyle which we gave to their parents.
    I hope that we can choose a leader of our great country who will focus on the economy, and preserve the freedoms to which our grandparents and great-grandparents came to America for.
    Why is it that some immigrants come here to have children and live here, yet are not willing to learn our language, or to become citizens and pay their own way? Why are our representatives not changing some of the laws so that those who are working hard, paying taxes, supporting their own families, are also paying for many immigrant's health care and homes? Where is the equality for all?
    I hope that most Americans will carefully review the candidates ideals and vote for one who is a solid role model for our grandchildren.
    As a grandparent I hope to be another role model for my grandchild and let her see that setting goals, hard work pays off. However, integrity and character must not be sacrificed for anything!