Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
"Mirror Mirror, on the wall"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello again!!!!

Thanksgiving -Olivia is 23 months!

Blog Gram-mama returns!!!!   Where to begin?????

It has been a while...Hi Gene!  Olivia is almost two years old and we are having more fun than ever.  Today I am going to do a quick synopsis of where I left off in April.

  • Olivia 101
  • She has a mind of her own

  • ·      She loves princesses

  • ·      She has pig tails

  • ·      She loves Winnie the pooh

  • ·      She loves her scooter but hates the stroller and her car seat

  • ·      She knows all the colors but her favorite is Blue!  Blue blue crayons, blue shoes, blue stickers

  • ·      She loves to Dance

  • ·      She loves her special friends, Charlie Asher and Max
  • She is a technology Savant; i-phone, i-pad, i-pod.....

  • She loves Rapunzel and The Lion King

  • Her favorite animals at the zoo are the polar bears

  • She loves to play in the fountain in the park and with cups in the pool

  • She can say the whole alphabet
She loves Cake and all celebrations that require her to eat it.

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