Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
"Mirror Mirror, on the wall"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspired by country music

Toby Keith's Muse

I used to think that country music stars were hill billies,  and the people who listened to it were uneducated red-necks. When my son started listening to Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley I wondered how he would ever find a nice girl who would put up with this repellant habit.  Whenever I got into my car after he had been driving it, the radio would be set to The highway or Prime County.  At first, I quickly changed the station, but Sometimes, I found myself listening for a while before I changed the station.  Then, one day, I had an epiphany; I was actually enjoying it.  I found myself engaged in the stories, feeling the love and the heartache, and loving the sound.

Okay, there are more than an adequate number of songs singing the praises of a truck, and even more about the virtues of drinking beer, but we can’t diminish the window into our most intimate moments and seminal emotions.   

While some artists struggle to find inspiration, in Country music, there is nothing that is too mundane to sing about.  What better symbol of joy and celebration is there than the previously overlooked “Red Solo Cup”?    “Why Don’t you Love Me like my Dog does” is a question for the ages, and Sugar land’s “Dear Mom and Dad, Please send money…. Signed your baby Girl” sings so poignantly of the love between parents and children.  After struggling to find success their “baby girl” is staying at the Ritz, her band has made it and now she can send them money.   This is the fulfillment of every dream that a parent has for their children.

At the same time, we can get some great advice and learn some valuable lessons, The Zack Brown Band suggests, “Don’t be falling in love while she’s walking away” and we can learn from Tim Mcgraw when he opens up about his personal journey to become a better man. He admits that although he “still dances with the devil”, he is really committed to the process and “he can finally stand the man in the mirror he sees.” 

You gotta love this raw emotion and introspection. 
I am making the trip from Boston to New York City to spend Passover with my family.  I am so excited to see everyone, Olivia in particular, but the time just flies as I listen to The Highway, and finally, here I am!
Olivia and her cousin Sophie on Passover

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  1. I'm with you on country music...some of the best story telling there is...
    Since I have a tendency to take a little "sauce" now and then, two of my favorites are, "You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinkin'", and, "There's Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level"...
    Real nice post.