Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Sitting Journal: Does Olivia miss me as much as I miss her?

Olivia never got tired of the Swings

Every Day!

Same time; Same place!

Alexis and James came home just as I was reaching my stride.  They were so happy to reunite with their sweet baby, but gave me the early a.m. shift so that they could finish their vacation with a last night out  at home.

I really didn't know weather to be happy or sad to have one less day.  One sweet, happy, good natured and easy baby, is a lot of work, but this time with Olivia was so very special.  I really got to know her; what she likes and doesn't like, how to distract her when she is focused on a dangerous toy or activity, what she likes to play with in the park and all of her little quirky traits.  I love knowing, now, what a day in her life is really like.  She was so happy to see me every morning.  I can picture her standing in the crib, waiting for me to pick her up.  She loves to read books in the morning.

Now, here I am, back at home in Massachusetts.  I thought we would still be in  NYC today, so we had nothing planned.  I woke up late; 7:30!  I went to get my coffee and got back into bed.  I got up again about 10:00, took a shower, washed my hair and got back into bed.  I played with my computer, made some long overdue calls, and finally, finally, I mustered up the energy to start my day.

What I learned:

1.  I learned a lot about my 23 year old son Jon, this week, too.  He was my babysitting assistant and I couldn't have a better one.  Because he spends a fair amount of time with Olivia, he could tell me so many things that I wouldn't have known; what I needed to bring with me when we went out to dinner, what she would like to eat on the menu, and when the food came, he cut her food and prepared the plate we brought with us so that Olivia would eat it.  My big, football player son, is so sweet, loving and gentle with Olivia, I almost cried, and Olivia loves her Uncle Jonny.

2.  I learned that "Buh"  means ball, blue berries, and broccoli, among other words.   The same with, "Tuh," "muh," "shuh" etc.  I never had any problem understanding.

3.  I learned that she could swing on the swings for hours and whenever I asked, "Olivia, are you done?"  Olivia would use the sign for "more" and "please" and settle back and enjoy her ride.

4.  Taking care of one little baby is really hard but really rewarding and I would do it again anytime!

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  1. Although your time with Olivia was shortened, it will never decrease the confidence you developed as each day passed. It is a long time since we (grandmothers)had to be on baby watch 24/7, plan the day and evening. What a joy though..wish I had it and hoping that this summer I will be able to have Maya with us in North Carolina while Lauren and Mike go away for a few nights to themselves. How special that will be for me. You learned a lot, Anyu, in your five days. So special that Uncle Jonny was there with you! So, now your ichats will be very special with Olivia, and don't forget to sign, "more" when you are saying good-bye!