Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Sitting Journal: Getting with the program

Olivia missing her Mommy and Daddy

Not missing them quite so much!
Yesterday, I was exhausted.  I was certain that I would not be able to make it to the end of the week. I wondered what I was thinking when I offered to babysit.  (It is important to know that I told Alexis that it was silly for her to take Olivia skiing with her this year and that she would be so much happier at home with ME!  Furthermore, James was not really in favor of my plan.)   I told myself that I could never do this again; that it was too much for me.  I am too old and decrepit!   My body parts ache.  I spent the whole day feeling badly that my future grandchildren will never have the experience of their “Anyu” (that’s me) babysitting for them.  Danielle and Jonny will NEVER be able to go on vacation with their spouse and have the peace of mind knowing that their kids will be loved and well cared for by me.  My babysitting days started and ended right here, right now.

Then, last night I fell into bed at 9:30 and I don’t even remember falling asleep.  I woke up this morning feeling GREAT!  I had lots of energy for Olivia’s Tot Rock class, and we had a great day together.  Now, I am looking forward to my play date tomorrowwith my best friend from College, Wendy, and her grandson Dylan. 

Note to Jonny and Danielle: As of today, you still have babysitting options, however, I am not getting any younger so I hope that you will take that under advisement.

What I learned today.

1.     That 9:30pm is a perfectly reasonable bedtime for a babysitting grandparent.
2.     Housekeeping is off the agenda! Why pick up the toys when they are just going to get messed up again tomorrow?  If I can’t clean up breakfast until after lunch, it’s okay.  If I can’t clean up lunch until after dinner, it’s okay.  And if I don’t clean up anything until Olivia goes to sleep at night, C’est la vie!  Keeping Olivia safe and happy is the only thing that matters.
3.     That everything I learned yesterday is useless today. 
4.     If I can’t find Olivia’s shoes in the trash or the laundry basket; try the diaper pail.  (Sad but true)

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