Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tot- Mom was acquitted; Caylee’s grandmother faces a life-sentence!

I have been obsessed with the beautiful little girl with the big brown eyes and my heart aches for the grandmother who lost her.

Is little Caylee’s Grandma any different than you or me?  I cannot condemn Cindy Anthony for loving her daughter and trying to find any reason to excuse the inexcusable! I can only imagine how hard it must be for her to get her brain around the reality that her child is a sociopath, and a narcissist.  Cindy had given birth to her, loved her and cared for her. She tried to meet the challenges of a strong-willed adolescent and supported her as best she could when Casey became a single mother.  Caylee’s Grandma, Cindy spoke to Dr. Phil as honestly as the mother of Tot-mom knew how to be.  Caylee’s Grandma has experienced inconceivable loss and will probably never fill the void.

When people dismiss Cindy as a dysfunctional parent, I wonder what gives them such ownership of the high ground?  One thing I learned as a parent, was not to cast stones at another parent because you never know how you would act in an extreme situation.  Many adolescents face difficult times when they assert their independence and rebel against authority.  Even good kids will lie about where they go and what they do when they have defied rules.  Often, those years are traumatic and challenging to families but in most scenarios, the kids will come out on the other side. I imagine that Cindy may have believed, deep down in her heart, that her spirited daughter was going through a difficult stage?  I imagine that Cindy tried her best to raise Casey but that she was no match for Casey and her demonic core.  Her web of lies was so intricate that brilliant Doctors and Lawyers and Psychologists have been able to unravel them with any certainty to this day.  

I cannot cast stones at Cindy.  I can only imagine her heartache at the loss of her beloved grandchild.  No matter what she says about Casey publicly, as parents we know that she loves her daughter but must live with the realization that she is psychopath who may never tell her the truth about what happened to little Caylee.

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  1. There are probably no comments worth reading in response to Caylee Anthony situation. It is tragic, and something inconceivable to most.
    I feel that whenever something happens to a child, any child, whether it is similar to the Caylee situation, or just plain illness, or family issues like divorce, abuse, etc...I do just that, FEEL. Words do not calm anyone in a situation like this but I can be grateful for what I have in my own life. The path life takes us down, is different for everyone, we just have to travel it in our own way.