Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome the new baby with Olivia's favorite toys!

I wanted to get a special gift for my friend's first grandchild.  I knew that both the nursery and the layette had been designed and delivered and that she would be getting so many more gifts too, so it wasn't easy to come up with an idea.  Finally, I came up with and idea that I think was a good one; I put together Olivia’s favorite toys and enclosed this message from my granddaughter.

Dear Benjamin,

It’s me; Olivia Grace and I wanted to give you a big “Welcome to the world!”  I have become somewhat of an authority on toys for babies from birth to almost 7 months old so my grandmother, Anyu, consulted with me closely when putting together this goodie bag of toys for you.  

The first couple of weeks, I didn’t do much, but I loved hanging out on my play mat and looking at all the toys.  My favorite thing to do was to look at myself in the mirror.  The mat was as good a place as any for some tummy-time, but I hated that. 

 The Woozit was a good thing to hang on my play mat, but it has lots of arms and it was the first toy I played with in my stroller.  The winkel was good too, because I could pass it from hand to hand easily and sometimes, didn’t even know that I was doing it.

The Whose house is really for older babies, but I loved the crinkly square and the other shapes with different textures.  I enjoyed playing with them on my play mat.  Now that I am almost a toddler, I like to take all the shapes out of the house and maybe soon, I will decide to put them back in and sort them into their openings.  I’ll keep you posted.

Anyu thinks that Sophie the giraffe looks like a dog toy but I told her, all my baby friends agree, she is very special to us.  We love to put her head in our mouths and tickle her ears and her neck is such a perfect handle.

My Dad says that I am reading at a 9-month level already.  If that means that I try to eat the books, it sounds right.   Where’s the bone? Is one of my favorites.  I love to eat that bone!

Every baby must have bath toys.  Nothing makes me giggle like I do when Anyu squirts my belly with these toys.

So that just about does it, except for Elmo.  He is the love of my life.  If I am hysterical crying in the car, my Mom plays Elmo songs on you-tube and I immediately calm down.   I really recommend the one with Andrea Boccelli.  My Mom and Dad love it, too. 

I love music and this is my favorite nursery rhyme CD.  My Mom also sings all these songs to me when she is trying to get me to eat that yucky rice cereal, so tell your Mom that it comes in handy to add these songs to her repertoire.

So, Benjamin, this is my greatest hits list.  I hope that you like them!  I can’t wait to meet you.  When you are a little bigger, I know that we will have lots of fun together.

                                      Olivia Grace


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