Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
"Mirror Mirror, on the wall"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ode to my visiting children; written for my own amusement!

The S.S. Olivia

Loving Summer living
I still hesitate before I serve them Liquor

Play Ball!
Girl friends
Olivia Chillin with her babie buddies

 In the summer, my children love to escape from the city and come to my house to enjoy some country pleasures.  I love when they come, but somehow, by the time they walk out the door; I am doing a happy-happy dance.

They love to hang out at our pool and they often bring friends with them.  Our “empty nest” gets filled to the brim and I truly love every minute.  In addition to my job as chairman of the “food and beverage committee”, I take the early morning Olivia shift. As much as I love her 5 a.m. smiles, I would not complain if she would just sleep until 6!

I giggled as I wrote this poem before their last visit and I hope that you will also be amused by my creative effort to rally some support!

I look forward to your visit with great anticipation
I hope that it will feel like a little vacation

I ‘ll help with the baby and hope you have fun
Play some golf and enjoy some sun.

We’ll bar-b-que some Ribs and drink some wine
I know we’ll have a really nice time

So I hope you’ll respect what I ask for me
What I need from you will be clear to see

Please use the trash, It might not seem a big deal
but my need for order, I assure you is real

Your glasses all over, Your towels on the floor.
Make me feel like a maid, your mother no more

Please don’t be angry, Please understand
It really isn’t an invalid demand.

I really love your visits, and wish for many more
So I ask for some consideration from the kids I adore.

My mother-in law came from Florida to see Olivia and my Brother and Sister-in-law came from New York to see my mother-in-law.  Every bed in the house was slept in.  We all had a great time, but when my house emptied out and the last sheet and towel had been washed, I felt like I could sleep for 20 years. 

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  1. Don't you tell everyone to byot? Now we know how mom felt!